Thanks for Visiting!I am a registered dietitian living in Central Virginia with husband, daughter, dogs, cats, pigs, chickens and bees. We live on our farm Olive Branch Gardens where we raise our chickens for eggs, bees or honey and pollination and pigs for compost and pets. We also grow a large variety of vegetables which we sell to the community. 

I became interested in agriculture and farming when I first started studying nutrition. I realized there was big disconnect between what we learned about nutrition and the food system. Nutrition is so much more than calories, it is a way to learn about culture, heal our planet, share love and connect with the world.

After practicing dietetics for 2 years, I went to Green Mountain College for a graduate degree in Sustainable Food Systems. For my Capstone/final project, I wrote and published my book Kitchen Confidence: Improve your Health, Save Money, Waste Less. This book is a way to combine my knowledge about nutrition with a focus on reducing food waste and improving our food system.

Much of the content you will read about here is based off of concepts of my book. I am also an integrative and functional nutrition certified practitioner through the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy. I love integrative nutrition and how it explores so much more about health and wellbeing than conventional nutrition. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo